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What is Wintermute?

Wintermute is a show control system designed for the control and monitoring of large, technology-heavy audience experiences. It is designed to allow you to use the programming environment you are used to (assumed in this guide to be Qlab, but it could be any system capable of outputting UDP and responding to OSC or UDP commands) whilst massively extending its functionality, and the reliability and visibility of the resulting systems.

At its most basic, Wintermute acts as the “glue” between Qlab and all the networked devices on your show:

  • Facilitates branching behaviour
  • Tracks groups of audience, and drives logic based on their actions
  • Encapsulates complex communication protocols
  • Provides control and feedback across site
Getting Started
  1. The first thing to is to familiarise yourself with the interface.
  2. You then need to understand what we mean by Nodes, and how Wintermute responds to input from them.
  3. The other main topic is the Flow system - how we handle audience groups moving through the zones of the show, and how Wintermute interacts with variables and tags - this is all interlinked with the chat system.

Finally, to start programming Wintermute, you will need to learn some of the commands

Advanced Topics
  1. One of Wintermute's most powerful features is the use of macros to offload tasks from Qlab.
  2. Advanced users will also want to be able to configure and deploy remote stations around their site.
  3. Variables can be monitored with the use of triggers.
  4. Data about audience members, actors - anything really - can be managed through the use of dynamic objects.
  5. See how Wintermute uses timers
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